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Personal Divorce Coaching and Dispute Resolution Coaching can be your safe harbor and refuge from the storm of your dispute. You don’t have to go it alone. A coach can help you find your way through this time in your life.

Pegotty Cooper

Jessica Garcia

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Divorce is a major life transition.

In every divorce there are really three divorces:

Legal, Financial, and Emotional.

Divorce Partners offers you that special help you may need. You will have ample opportunity to be heard.

The complexities will be transformed into clear alternatives.

Divorce may not end a relationship, it may merely change it.

What resources do you need to change things for the better?

The CDFC™ and DFC™ certification marks are used to identify individuals who, perform personal divorce coaching services for members of the public. Certified individuals deliver personal divorce coaching services according to the Standards of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Only certified individuals who have completed the training and perform personal divorce coaching services according to the professional standards taught in the training and required by the certification regulations are authorized to use the CDFC™ and DFC™ marks.