Divorce Coaching

Ask yourself another question:

“Who will help me set a new direction for my life or support me when I am overwhelmed and stuck in making the changes I need to make?”

Divorce Coaching may be your answer.

A divorce coach works with women who are stuck, exhausted or overwhelmed by this major life transition called divorce.

We support them in:

  • Taking new actions to create a new future
  • Being accountable for what they say they will do and
  • Taking new steps into unfamiliar territory.

Our clients report :

  • Having major breakthroughs in confidence
  • Being energized to move forward, and
  • Finding new freedom in all areas of their lives!

Pegotty Cooper, MBA

CDC, Certified Divorce Coach®

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Does your situation look like any of these?

  • You have been married for some time and thought that the conflicts would all work themselves out once things got stabilized on the home or career front. But now you find that you are further apart and headed for divorce. You may be angry and sad that the dream has been destroyed and you need support to move your life forward and deal with the fallout.
  • You married your soul mate or the man/woman of your dreams but the marriage turned into a battlefield. You finally admitted that you were the victim of abuse, sought counseling and have committed to getting back into the game of life. But you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start or don’t have the energy to find your passion again.
  • You are a responsible executive in a high visibility position and divorce has really knocked the wind out of your sails. You thought that diving into work would help in the recovery process but you feel empty and sad most of the time and are having a hard time leading your managers and employees.
  • You are just finalizing the dissolution of a long term marriage and feel paralyzed because you do not know who you really are outside of the relationship and it is very hard for you to get motivated to take care of the details that you must now handle on your own.

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Here is what other coaching clients have said about working with Pegotty:

I have had the wonderful opportunity of being coached by Pegotty Cooper. Her coaching style is unique in that she has you look at your life in a whole different way. I was recently divorced and was in a transition period in my life as well as my work. I had to recreate my business in order to have it survive. Pegotty never let me get away with anything and was a rigorous coach. I reinvented myself as well as my business and put back in passion, both in my personal and business life. I would recommend Pegotty for anyone going through transition.
Lakeland, FL

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Who am I? Who was I? Who do I want to be? After being married and in an unhealthy relationship for nearly 10 years, I didn’t know how to answer these questions. I couldn’t believe that I was getting divorced!

Pegotty Cooper helped me to recover from this life-changing experience more quickly than I would have had I tried to do it on my own. She helped me pinpoint what is important to me. Now I have built the kind of life I want to live. I am happy!

Tampa, FL